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Testimonial by: K. Geary

As we were pulling into the garage from dinner one night, what did I see run across my garage shelves and into the water heater closet? A rat. I got out and opened the doors with a broom and another ran into the water heater closet. Looked down and there was rat poop all over.

I got two quotes. Rid A Critter wanted over a thousand dollars. Forsyth wanted $800. My husband wanted to take care of it himself. I begged him to let the pros do it! We asked Forsyth if they’d do it for $650 and they said yes!

When Raymond and I first spoke over the phone, I could tell he knew his stuff.

He did a free inspection and showed me a bag of bird seed in the garage that they were eating out of. He showed me where they were getting in and out of a hole by where the wires go into the house from the air conditioning unit. He pointed out a huge gap in where our garage door closes.

While he was there and I was trying to keep up with my 2 yr old and drag a trash can down to the curb, he brought it to the curb for me.

He was a pleasure to have at the house, fixing our problem and I have full confidence in him.

He pulled three dead rats out of my garage attic. I called him and said I could smell them and he came over the next morning.

I highly recommend this company and specifically, Raymond.