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Forsyth ExterminatingAnimal Removal FAQs

Do you offer non-chemical solutions for getting rid of rats, squirrels, bats, and other wildlife?

Yes, for over 30 years Forsyth Exterminating has offered wildlife trapping and wildlife and rodent exclusions. There are many ways to control rodents in a dwelling, from simply placing traps in and around the dwelling to doing a complete rodent exclusion. A complete rodent exclusion entails sealing all the premises’ entry areas and then trapping inside the attic and the crawl space (when needed.) All rodents carry diseases and in some cases it is necessary to remove all droppings physically as well as deodorizing and sanitizing infested areas. In an exclusion process our team uses galvanizes metal thick enough not to allow any rodents the ability to gnaw their way back into the dwelling. Once exclusion is performed we schedule follow up visits to ensure that the problem is solved. Then we remove all traps and give the property owner a warranty renewable annually for a small fee.

How to set rat traps

Here is a video of how you can set rat traps for rat control in your house.

How to place rat traps for rodent control

This is a video that shows you how to place rat traps to achieve maximum rat control around your home or place of business.  Set rat traps in attics, crawl spaces and around voids.