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Pest Control Testimonials

This payment is in regards to services received at Morning Dew, Cumming, Thank you for the wonderful service we received – my husband and I are very pleased. All ants and bugs are gone for good.


“You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you came so soon to take care of my ants. Thank you so very much, and thank you for the senior discount, it really does help when your monthly pay is S.S. check.”

Mrs. Bays

“Great Service! They are always on time and great follow up through out the year to see if we are having any problems or need additional services. Love them! They take care of all our pests!!”


“I am absolutely horrified of roaches but Forsyth Exterminating eliminated my roach problem! So thankful!!!!”


“Everyone we have talked to on the phone and everyone that has come out to our house has been great! But our favorite is Raymond!! He always is so knowledgeable, professional, does an excellent job and is fun and friendly! I can call his cell phone at night and he always answers and comes out the next day and solves our problems. He is also very good with follow-up visits. We feel like he is always being very honest with us. You are very lucky to have someone like Raymond representing your business!


“We had a rat problem you would not believe. We needed a great rat removal service; My mother-in-law recommended we call Forsyth Exterminating. Out comes their man Raymond who even has pet rats so he can observe exactly how they think. Not only did he out-think them and solve the problem, but at a significant discount to what our other bids came in at. These people are like dealing with family. We have since had them deal with our flea and roach problem in our rental house and are about to switch our termite bond over to them.”


“Forsyth Exterminating has the best value out of any pest control company I have ever been with. Their service was excellent, and the prices are great. I wouldn’t choose any other pest control company to be with. I definitely recommend everyone to go with them!”


“I have been using Forsyth Exterminating for a few months now and so far, I have been very pleased. I had an ant problem at the beginning of the summer and they were able to find where they were coming in (not in an easily located spot either!), and get rid of them! I would definitely recommend them to anyone and I HAVE recommended them to my family/friends.”


I recently came back from a deployment to Afghanistan and discovered the beginnings of termites at my home. I called 4 different pest control companies and Forsyth Exterminating had the best qoute for overall service. They not only took care of my termite problem, but also fixed a little ant outbreak too. The first thing, the owner of the company said, when approaching my door the first time was to thank me for my service. As a veteran, the company also gave me a good discount for their services rendered.

But here is what sold me on them. They were the only company to call and check in after their visit for the qoute. Because of that call and answering questions I had, they beat out the bigger companies. So far no more pests. I’d say go with them to get good customer service in a timely manner.


Leroy just left my home after completing my pest control service and my termite inspection. He, like all of your field techs, was prompt, polite and professional.

Before he left he explained what he did and assured me everything was in great shape..After he left it made me think how much we have enjoyed our relationship with your fine company.

Harry B.

Friendly, fast, and thorough service. We have used this company twice for house inspections and were pleased both times. We highly recommend Fosyth Exterminating-and we live next store to a competitor who is not nearly as professional. Thanks for your great service.

MB Yeager

Andrew showed up for my quarterly service this past Friday and did an excellent job! When i requested some sticky traps to be left at the door, he did that and also changed out my existing ones. He was very thorough and courteous. We always get excellent service from Forsyth Exterminating. Andrew is a great part of your team and we appreciate the excellent service.


As we were pulling into the garage from dinner one night, what did I see run across my garage shelves and into the water heater closet? A rat. I got out and opened the doors with a broom and another ran into the water heater closet. Looked down and there was rat poop all over.

I got two quotes. Rid A Critter wanted over a thousand dollars. Forsyth wanted $800. My husband wanted to take care of it himself. I begged him to let the pros do it! We asked Forsyth if they’d do it for $650 and they said yes!

When Raymond and I first spoke over the phone, I could tell he knew his stuff.

He did a free inspection and showed me a bag of bird seed in the garage that they were eating out of. He showed me where they were getting in and out of a hole by where the wires go into the house from the air conditioning unit. He pointed out a huge gap in where our garage door closes.

While he was there and I was trying to keep up with my 2 yr old and drag a trash can down to the curb, he brought it to the curb for me.

He was a pleasure to have at the house, fixing our problem and I have full confidence in him.

He pulled three dead rats out of my garage attic. I called him and said I could smell them and he came over the next morning.

I highly recommend this company and specifically, Raymond.

K. Geary

I have used Forsyth Exterminating for two and half years. They are quick at schedule service time. The teams always show up on time. I recently called them about squirrels in my attic. Roland Wortman and his team not only got rid of squirrels from my house, they also checked and fixed all places that animals could get in. I am very pleased with their service. I highly recommend Forsyth Exterminating and Roland for animal control.

Wentao Tang