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Atlanta Rat ExterminatorsFor centuries, rats have annoyed humans and have brought destruction to society. Large rodents have contaminated air, water, food, and even dirt. Rats have transmitted diseases such plague, salmonellosis, fever, and numerous viruses. Rats also host other insects and bacteria and bring them into human habitats and environments. In the state of Georgia the two most commonly found rats are the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. Norway Rats are large with small noses, and have tails shorter than their body. Roof Rats are medium-sized with long noses, and have tails longer than their body.

Rats mainly nest inside attics, walls, basements, and crawl spaces, as rodents generally prefer areas that pose little to no threat to their young. Rats reproduce quickly and numbers will increase exponentially; two rats can produce 8 offspring, which will be able to reproduce within 45 days. A medium population of rats in a 1000 square foot attic can reach 10-30 members in a very short period of time. Rats that find food, water, and shelter could reach populations of 60+ members within a matter of months.