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Mole Pest Control Atlanta

If you have a mole pest issue on your property, it’s time to give a professional company like Forsyth Exterminating a call. With over 30 years of experience, our team is skilled at taking care of even the most extreme mole infestations.


How to tell if your pest is a mole

Moles control

Moles are one of the most destructive pests we deal with. They can dig tunnels at alarming speeds, cause plants and lawns to die, and kick up rocks that could obliterate your landscaping equipment.

The most obvious way to tell if your pest is mole is by spo tting one, but they rarely come above ground. It’s usually easier to identify a mole problem by the destruction left behind by their tunnels

Moles are most active in early morning, but they are awake during both the day and the night. You are more likely to notice issues in the spring or fall, when they tunnel closer to the surface. Signs of mole tunnels include:

  • Mounds of raised soil (these are entrances or exits to mole tunnels)
  • Dead grass or plants in a distinct line
  • Crisscrossing raised areas of earth
  • Loose, squishy patches of grass

Effective mole control in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

So you’ve got moles in your yard – now what?

If you’re only dealing with a single mole, you might be able to manage it on your own with store bought methods. However, if there are multiple moles on your property, or you miss a mole during your yard mole extermination, they can multiply quickly and get out of hand.

In order to ensure all the moles are gotten rid of, it’s best to contact a professional mole control service. Certified professionals like the ones at Forsyth Exterminating have the knowledge and expertise to swiftly eradicate all traces of the digging pests from your property.

Call in the garden mole removal experts

Forsyth Extermination professionals are highly-skilled specialists at mole pest removal. All our mole removal specialists meet federal, state and local licensing requirements, and undergo extensive – and ongoing – training to stay up-to-date on the safest, most effective mole removal methods.

We tailor all our services to each client, so whether you are looking for swift mole extermination, humane trap-and-release, or the most environmentally friendly methods, we’ve got you covered.

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