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Rat Removal Alpharetta

Norway Rats are large rodents, and can be as large as 12 inches long. This rodent can weigh more than one pound.

Norway Rats live outside in fields and wooded areas, vacant lots, farms, in burrows under ground, and just about anywhere people have buildings. Rats are a problem in homes in urban and rural areas. Rats may find harborage in many areas around the home – especially in attics, stacked firewood, stones and bricks, and piles of leaves or other debris.

Rat Removal in Alpharetta

The best way to avoid invasions of Norway Rats is to (1) provide as little harborage as possible that might attract rodents, and (2) seal as many holes and cracks in the outside of the home through which mice might enter. Follow these recommendations to help prevent rodents from seeking the shelter provided by your home:

  • Do not allow piles of leaves to accumulate next to the home’s foundation.
  • Seal any hole or crack larger than 1/2 of an inch. A good rule of thumb is that if a thumb can fit into it, a Norway rat could too.
  • Weather-stripping on the bottom of all doors to prevent rodents from entering. The garage door may prove difficult to seal completely, so the door from the garage to the house must be sealed tightly.
  • Use FORSYTH EXTERMINATING as your regular pest control company. Our wildlife experts have the experience and training needed to rid a structure of rodents promptly and effectively. Our professional exclusion methods ensure that rodents and other wildlife will never enter your home!