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How to get rid of Rats

Contrary to many publications, roof rats as well as norway rats eat anything they have access to. Some scientists claim that roof rats only eat fruits and vegetables, but based on practical experience roof rats eat meat, candy, and even practice cannibalism. Rats are animals that belong in the wild and out of homes and businesses.

Rats damage all types of material and will gnaw electrical wires, pipes, and anything else. Rodent damage is a very common cause of fires, floods, and super high energy bills when they pat down insulation. In some cases trapping alone may work, but most commonly rats are present inside structures due to openings around the structure. Checking and sealing every possible entry area is a must, and in many cases is better done by an experienced wildlife professional. Even openings the size of a penny need to be sealed, as rodents can squeeze through the smallest of cracks and holes.

The most effective call to action if you have rodents is to call us! We can send one of our trained wildlife professionals to your home for a free inspection. At that time, our professional will tailor a plan of action customized for your home, which will include sealing all entry areas, trapping the animals inside, sanitizing/deodorizing, and issuing a renewable warranty.

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