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Insulation Removal


Insulation Removal

When animals, water, or other factors have damaged the insulation inside attics or crawl spaces, the help of a professional is more than necessary-it is indispensable. There are many risks involved with this tedious job, and often, it’s hard to predict the level of difficulty of the job until it’s already underway.

Some of the common risks of performing an insulation removal job include falling through the ceiling, contamination of interiors, suffocation, breathing insulation or contaminants, and electrocution. When removing insulation because of animal damage, one must be careful with chewed cables, live animals, and dead/rotting animals. Some jobs are better left to the professionals, and contaminated insulation replacement is definitely one of them.

Our company utilizes a large vacuum machine to reduce the airborne particles, protective suits (if necessary), respirators, and other personal protective equipment to reduce risks when performing contaminated insulation removal and replacement. Falling down or breaking sheet rock happens to many people while doing this type of work, so the most important thing to consider is this: if you do not have experience walking on joists and two-by-fours for hours on end in extreme temperatures, do not attempt this job.

Call Forsyth Wildlife, the wildlife division of Forsyth Exterminating, to get a competitive quote and have the job performed by experienced professionals.