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Since 1980, our company has been the preferred company for controlling ants, spiders, roaches, bedbugs, termites, rats, mice, and many other common pests. Since Johns Creek’s official inception in 2006, Forsyth Exterminating has continued to be this Atlanta suburb’s number one choice for pest, termite, and wildlife control services. Johns Creek serves as the platform for many Fortune 500 companies, and it’s home to many of Metro Atlanta’s elite residents, so it’s not surprising that Johns Creek clients require the most advanced and professional pest control services, and Forsyth Exterminating is in-tune to its clients’ needs. Our company has proven to Johns Creek residents for over 3 decades that we can consistently deliver honest, quality, and dependable solutions to pest concerns. Our mission statement that we strive to live by is “provide real solutions to pest problems.”


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Pest Control, Termite Exterminator, and Animal Removal & Extermination

The most common insect pests in Johns Creek are ants, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, fleas, mosquitoes, and termites, and many Johns Creek residents regularly find themselves faced with animal infestations inside their homes and attics. Most do not realize they have nuisance animals living in their home until they hear scratching noises or see signs of entry like droppings, and that’s when they call Forsyth Exterminating’s wildlife department, Forsyth Wildlife, for help with sealing entry areas and ridding their home of unwanted critters.

No matter what pest problem you may have, all of our treatments and services are pet-safe, child-safe, and environmentally-friendly because all services are rendered in a responsible and safe manner, eliminating any possibility of harm to you and your family. It is possible to rid your home of harmful pests while protecting your family, using Forsyth Exterminating’s earth-friendly pest control services!

Call today to find out why so many Johns Creek residents choose Forsyth Exterminating to protect their homes and businesses from harmful nuisance pests. Our friendly staff is just a phone call away to provide you with more information on our services!

Discovering you have pests on your property can be an unwelcome, stressful surprise. Thankfully, in Johns Creek and throughout the Metro Atlanta area, Forsyth Exterminating offers top-of-the-line, efficient, professional exterminating services. Residents of Johns Creek looking for an exterminator can trust Forsyth to take care of all their pest control needs. In Georgia, we have a great deal of wildlife and many species of animals or insects that could potentially turn into a problem for homeowners. Although each pest requires a different plan of action, there are a few things that hold true with all pests.

Whether you have spiders, rats, mice, termites or any other type of pest, it is best to deal with the problem as soon as possible. The smaller the population of the pest, the easier it is to get rid of. When you start looking at pest control options, it may be tempting to take the problem on by yourself. Although this is a valid option, having a professional exterminator take care of the pest control can end up saving time and money (not to mention a lot of stress!). A trained pest control technician can identify what type of pest is present, where it is hiding out, how to safely remove it, and what changes need to be made to the environment in order to prevent the unwanted return of future pests. Prevention is a critical (and oftentimes overlooked) part of pest control. People looking for pest control have often already identified a portion of the pest population present, but a trained eye may be able to find more hidden nearby. It’s important to exterminate all the pests causing damage – otherwise they will keep reproducing and the problem will simply continue to go on. Using a professional extermination service can help you deal with the problem thoroughly and effectively – the first time around!

– Johns Creek Pest Control Service

Pest Control and termite exterminator Johns Creek GeorgiaHome and business owners in Johns Creek, Georgia tend to be very conscientious of safety. Due to the temperate climate, pests and rodents are sadly among those concerns that home and business owners must contend with. Luckily, Forsyth Exterminating offers Pest and Wildlife Control Services in Johns Creek to combat even the most difficult pest control problems.

Pest Control Services in Johns Creek.

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– Johns Creek Termite Control Service

Since the city’s inauguration, Forsyth Exterminating has been Johns Creek’s leading termite control provider. Termites are beneficial to nature because they break down dead and decaying cellulose matter like fallen and dead trees; they work around the clock, destroying non-living wood.  Unfortunately, most homes and other structures in the Johns Creek area are made using wooden studs. Soft-wood studs are used most commonly, and soft-wood is a preferred food for termites. Termite liquid applications and termite prevention are crucial in this area.

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