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Forsyth ExterminatingPegaton: 100% Natural Insect Trap

Pegaton is our newest product, and is 100% natural & effective! This is a trap for insects and mice. This non-toxic product traps all life stages of insects and mice. Pegaton is fast and easy to place in a large number of places.

Pegaton is an inexpensive, effective, and secure way to control roaches, scorpions, mice, and other insects. Place Pegaton in areas where pest activity was observed and its unique 100% natural formula will attract and trap these undesirable pests.

It is a monitor with a sticky surface, which traps any insect which comes in contact with it! This trap is most commonly used for control of cockroaches & rodents, but can be used for absolutely any crawling pest! For pricing, or to place an order, call 770.889.0954.

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