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Argentine Ants

Atlanta Argentine Ant Removal

Argentine ants are difficult to control. In cold weather they are not as active as in the warmer months, but in the state of Georgia these ants infest homes year-round. Argentine ant populations are large in Georgia, mainly because they are not aggressive towards other colonies of the same species.

Often colonies combine force and create super colonies with numbers in the hundreds of thousands to the millions. Here are some tips which, combined with a professional solution from FORSYTH EXTERMINATING, will help to keep ants where they need to stay – OUTSIDE!

  • Remove firewood and other debris from foundation. A recommended distance is 10 feet away.
  • Remove all old pine straw or mulch when changing it and keep the new layer less than 2 inches thick.
  • Do not let the sprinkler system spray directly onto the foundation or in corners that do not receive a proper amount of sun.
  • Stay on top of the caulking and sealing of openings around windows, doors, pipes and other entry areas.
  • Trim vegetation and ensure that no plant is in direct contract with your home.
  • Use FORSYTH EXTERMINATING as your regular pest control company. Our pest management professionals have the experience and training needed to rid your property of Argentine Ants promptly and effectively.