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Atlanta Fire Ant Removal

Fire Ants are a health threat as well as a nuisance pest. Fire ants usually sting humans, leaving a red welt with white pus at the tip. In many cases, however, when a person with allergies is stung very serious reactions to the venom are experienced.

These insects infest Georgia lawns and homes preventing children from playing or enjoying the outdoors. Here are some tips which, combined with a professional solution from FORSYTH EXTERMINATING, will help to keep fire ants away from your home and lawn.

  • Due to the health threats associated with fire ants, treatment is a must.
  • Products that homeowners buy over the counter could be effective if they are used at the recommended amount, frequency and using the proper tools.
  • For many home and business owners, meeting those requirements is more expensive than hiring a professional pest control company.
  • The majority of fire ant mounds need up to 3 gallons of a professional product to be treated properly.
  • Use FORSYTH EXTERMINATING as your regular pest control company. Our pest management professionals have the experience and training needed to rid your property of fire ants promptly and effectively.