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Forsyth ExterminatingCarpenter Bee Treatment

Carpenter Bees Control and Removal Services in Atlanta

Why do you need Forsyth Exterminating’s Carpenter Bee Control Program?

Carpenter BeeMany bees are beneficial to the environment, but certain types of bees cause problems in homes and business throughout the Atlanta area. The Forsyth Exterminating carpenter bee control program is an effective way to deal with this otherwise beneficial pest.

  • Can damage wood and structural members. Carpenter bees are known to drill 1⁄2 inch holes in wood facial and other wood members. Some damage is cosmetic, but many times structures get compromise by the “drilling” of the bees.
  • Deface and Damage. Significant damage to structural beams and supporting member can be done by bees and by birds searching for bee larva meals.
  • Create hazardous conditions. The female carpenter bee stings and if a person is allergic it can cause a lot of problems.
  • Become a nuisance. As the populations increase, the bees are a nuisance to families, customers, and or pets.


Different bees species require different treatment options. Whether it’s wasp, carpenter bees, hornets, or cicada killers your Forsyth Exterminating professional will be able to assess the situation quickly, then customize a program that addresses your particular bee problem.

IdentificationIdentification. Carpenter bees drill 1⁄2 inch hole in facia, cedar, wood, and wood beams. They are black in color and the male carpenter bee has a white face.

Habitat ModificationHabitat modification. Our program includes the application of a contact kill product pressure -injected into galleries, and the application of dust with a power duster in vulnerable dry areas using a power duster.

Mechanical ControlMechanical Control. 3 days after initial treatment it is recommended that existing holes bepatchbycustomerorbyForsyth Exterminating handyman service department (additional charges may apply.)