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Forsyth ExterminatingAtlanta German Cockroach Removal

German CockroachThe German Cockroach is the most prolific breeder among all cockroaches. A female egg capsule can contain up to 40 eggs: 20 males and 20 females.

Babies can become adults in as little as 45 days. German roaches are omnivorous and will eat virtually anything people eat and many things we won’t.

This pest is prominent in homes and restaurants, specifically in kitchens and bath areas due to the extremely high accessibility to food and water. They are disease carriers, responsible for Salmonella (food poisoning), Staphylococcus, dysentery, asthma, and allergies.

  • For a German roach pest problem, professional control is a must.
  • Use FORSYTH EXTERMINATING as your regular pest control company. Our pest management professionals have the necessary equipment, training, products and expertise to control roach populations year-round.