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Forsyth ExterminatingFormosan Termite Control

Atlanta Termite ControlFormosan subterranean termites are difficult to control. For that reason, prevention should be the first line of defense. If a Formosan colony is found within a structure, quick action is required to minimize potential structural damage. It is important to note that Formosan termites are not commonly found in Georgia, and most cases that have been identified here involve importing them in infested railroad ties from other states like Louisiana and Mississippi. When the soil of an infested structure is treated to stop their entry, the termites already in the structure may form an independent nest above ground and avoid the treated soil.


  • The use of pressure-treated wood is necessary to make structures more resistant to termite attack.
  • Leaky pipes, air conditioning condensation, poor drainage, and inadequate ventilation need to be fixed. The purpose of this is to limit moisture supply to the termites.
  • Enlist the help of FORSYTH EXTERMINATING to regularly inspect your home to detect a termite infestation and then treat it accordingly.
  • Remove any wood-to-earth and insulation foam board-to-ground contact. Remove any wood debris.

Control Options

  • Place a termiticide barrier in the soil around foundation and in critical areas.
  • For a structure with activity, locate the nests and treat them.
  • In some cases the use of above ground bait stations is necessary.
  • Use FORSYTH EXTERMINATING as your regular pest control company.