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Forsyth ExterminatingInformation on Termites from an Expert


Information on Termites from an Expert

It Could Never Happen To You… Right?

We have all fallen victim to the age old mindset of “that could never happen to me”. As human beings, we have a natural tendency to believe that the world is good, people in general are good, and that good fortune naturally follows us.

However, each and every year without fail, hundreds of phone calls pour into the office of Forsyth Exterminating from customers who found themselves victims of an unsuspecting aggressor….termites!

Georgia has the highest concentration of subterranean termites of the entire nation! These pests do more damage to homes than fires, floods, and earthquakes combined! There is no home safe from termite attacks, so a common saying has evolved: there are two types of homes in Georgia- those with termites and those that will get termites!

I cannot stress to my clients and everyone else whom I come in contact with that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Termites are pests that fall on both extremes of our “radar”, so to speak. As consumers, we have internal radars which signal to us whether or not a particular purchase is important or urgent. The average unsuspecting person believes that since their home doesn’t have termites, there is no urgent need to protect it from termites. This type of consumer is taking his/her chances that termites will not attack, thus postponing the decision to purchase a termite protection plan. In this circumstance, the purchase is not necessary, and can be postponed.

Termites are, at this point, “low on the radar”. This consumer inevitably discovers in a month/a year/10 years that his/her home has been attacked by termites. Guess where termites appear on the “radar” at this point? You guessed it! In most cases, it is only then that the consumer decides to purchase termite protection. The unfortunate part of this all-too-common scenario is that damage has already occurred to the home, which is not covered by homeowner’s insurance in most cases. Additionally, treatment options are much more limited at this point, which often drives the price of treatment higher if termites are already present in a structure.

So I urge you, yes YOU, to ask yourself if you will continue believing that having your home infested by termites could never happen to you. Or will you be ahead of the game, prepared to defend one of your most valuable investments from a pest that will inevitably attack?

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