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Noises in the Attic


There is a wrong perception that only squirrels get to homes surrounded by trees or were trees touch the structure. Squirrels can and will go up and down wall, brick, siding, and almost any wall construction material. I have work on removing squirrels for many years and there is a continuous battle to get them out and warranty that they won’t come back in.

Video Transcription:

Good morning I’m gonna try to explain: When people call me and they said hey I have a problem the first question I ask is, can you tell me please what is going on? Tthey say I hear noises in my attic or in my walls or underneath my house or something along those lines and it’s important that people understand that even in this house that doesn’t have much trees around it okay, you still have the issue with animals coming in, the idea and the reason why is because even under need shingles there is a gap in that gap has to be sealed. In this house you can see that we have flashing all around it sill in that gap most homes will have this problem as well as other problems such as roof to join areas , AC units and many more.

Squirrels don’t need masks to get in but they will always find a way if your house is not tightly sealed with metal. Most of the time, people also have you know roofers or other contractors painting contractors try to do a squirrel removal and a squirrel trapping services and there is a very very like difficult task, as an specialist and as somebody that has done removal for many many years I can tell you that you now that there are very small details that are essentials to a squirrel trapping, like if you have metal underneath your shingles but the metal has a gap then the squirrels will find that gap and go in and out, if your painters or if your other contractors don’t have enough experience sealing for squirrels particularly then they can have corners where the gaps are a little bit open and then when the gap is a little be open the squirrell can come back in or out, also there is a common mistake of sale in a house with metal there is no flashing but as like galvanized a screen and what happens with the screen that the animals will was still with it or with the little nails or with the teeth and they’re still gonna open up that screen again, so the correct way to seal based on experience and I can flashing that is galvanized that will the difference in temperature of air temperature, and let me explain that a little beam, when a squirrel gets into a gutter or an animal gets into a gutter they start walking up and down the gutter and then from the inside of the attic you’re gonna see a difference in temperature.

What could be producing sounds and noises in the attic?

Understanding that having noises and or animals in your attic is a problem, many home and business owners do not really understand the seriousness of the issue since it is the first time they have had to deal with it. Most people are mislead to solutions such as poisoning and trapping that will cause more harm than good at the end. Poisoning creates unhealthy environments, and odors; trapping may leave young alone to die. When animals nest and take control of an attic they do not understand the functionality of cables, pipes, or insulation. Animals are nesting, searching for food and for materials suitable for building comfortable nesting sites. Cable and piping chewing and damaging building useful resources such as insulation, siding, and wood are just the natural way animals survi

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