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Forsyth ExterminatingRoy Uses MABI Injectors and he is satisfied!  Termite Control Equipment That Improves Quality

Video Transcription:

 Roy: Okay, at the beginning I wasn’t real confident in. The same protocols you used to do it, thanks to the old way, and you want to keep doing it that way, but the more you use the injector plug, with no mess, no problem with [low] by. Just simply because, the old way, you go a while back, you may get it all over your face, all over the customer wall.

Speaker 1: All over your uniform.

Roy: Yeah, it’s all over your clothes.

Speaker 2: And now?
Roy: Now with the injector plug, no mess, no blowback. There’s nothing you have to worry about trying to clean up afterward. I mean, so, it’s great.

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