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Forsyth ExterminatingI think I may have an animal in my house, help!


I think I may have an animal in my house

The first thing to do if you think you may have animals in your home is to contact an exterminating professional. Animals can pose a serious threat to property and quick action can prevent further damage. Once in a home, they can nest and reproduce quickly. Forsyth Exterminating is qualified and certified to identify and remove animals correctly and effectively. Call Forsyth Exterminating at 770.889.0954 for a full assessment and treatment plan.

Raymond Vassak, Wildlife Manager at Forsyth Exterminating, has spent his career in construction, landscaping, and animal control. He has been trapping and studying animals for nearly 10 years. Raymond answers some of the most common questions about animal control problems.

Did you see an animal?

In our treatment area (Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming, Duluth, John’s Creek, Roswell, Sandy Springs and Suwanee), we deal with several types of animals, including roof rats, Norway rats, field mice, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, opossums, bats and snakes. Each one presents in a different and unique way, and each has unique potential for damage to your home or building.

Many homeowners may not actually see an animal, but rather they notice an animal in the home because they make some kind of noise. The timing, location and type of noise can all be clues to the type of animal. Also, snakes can are most often present because of an existing food source. They rarely enter a home on their own, but often follow other animals they may see as food, which means if you see a snake inside, there is likely also some other kind of animal present in the structure.

What happens in an inspection?

For each inspection, one of our certified and trained professionals will conduct a detailed review of the conditions as well as search for any interior or exterior evidence that there are animals present, or that they have been present in the past. This usually includes a thorough inspection of attic spaces, where animal evidence is often found.

What is the treatment process?

Forsyth Exterminating is specially licensed and certified to remove animals from your home or other building. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources maintains standards for trapping, wrangling and capture, and Forsyth Exterminating Wildlife employees are trained in these standards. The most effective treatment plan begins with a full-home sealing. This process involves installation of a galvanized metal strip around the house, focusing on compromised locations (places where an animal has already forced entry to the structure). Forsyth Exterminating can also patch specific holes with a wire mesh and sealing foam. After the sealing of the structure, trapping is most effective. A combination of these services is the most certain way to prevent future infestations.

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